Méditerranée Festival

Ashdod 2013

International Festival of music
Mediterranean countries
Over 150 artists , ensembles and bands appeared Méditerranée music festival in Mediterranean countries Which took place in four complexes in Ashdod performances from 27 to 30 May 2013.
The festival has hosted artists and ensembles representing musical and cinematic culture of the Mediterranean
Paco de Lucia (Spain) , Jorge Dalars (Greece) , Eiger Gilles (France) ,
 Concha Boyko (Spain)
Chico and the Gypsy (Gipsy King of Spain) , Eddie Naples (Italy) ,
 cheap Baba Band (Turkey)
Cortes Montes (Spain) , Paco Heredia (Spain) are just some of the international artists who came to the festival

Premiere productions alongside Israeli artists especially for the festival , including the production of a unique source of Amir Benayoun accompanied by Israeli Andalusian Orchestra Ashdod - Israel Prize laureate.
Tribute esteemed author Avihu Medina featured singers and artists have written and composed during the 30 years of activity , including Glykeria , Palmetto , Haim Moshe , Shimi Tabori , Avner Gadassi , Nava country and others.
And Hmofa"sirim Ashdod " with Kobi Oz and Ahuva Ozeri hosted the show.
Alongside the music business worlds Film Festival 's also Mediterranean countries , 10 films were screened in theaters of the globe max Ashdod
Movie premiere gala opening , the first feature film by director transported era -  disconnect water " starring Moshe Yivgi "
Two films of Moroccan director Nabil estimated Ayush "Prince Street " and the new film " God 's horses".
The film was screened Algeria Hdokomntri"al Gusto " Moiseyev Safinz director of the music Algiers.

Documentary by Roy Minister - " My Sweet Canary " life story of the greatest singers Rembetiko
Greek - Roza Eskenazi and "airaknrol " genius of director Gil Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis and other fascinating movies.

Music performances were held in four different locations : Performing Arts Ashdod , Amphitheater Ashdod, Monart Center for the Arts

Plaza area between the compounds follow the rich culinary reasons of cuisine you can taste typical of the Mediterranean countries
And the middle three restaurants designed Taverna Greek, Italian , Spanish . Leading chefs cooked Int'l Mediterranean cuisine and food stalls will operate alongside popular feature these countries.
Culinary compound acted in stages with performances open to the public.