Les Femmes de Tétouan
Morocco Israel

Special production. For the first time on stage – women from Tétouan with Israeli artists in a one-time collaboration. 

How does music that connects continents sound? Tétouan in northern Morocco was the country’s capital until 1956. Tétouan enjoyed the rich influence of Spain on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Women of Tétouan, who wanted to entertain themselves with music and dance but were anxious about their modesty, employed blind musicians to play the multicultural music of the area. Over the years, the number of blind orchestras diminished and thus women’s orchestras were born. It is this tradition that the orchestra the Women of Tétouan preserves. 

The festive concert will be the fourth event in the Judeo-Arab category of performances, which bring together the Jewish and Arab musical world and celebrate the shared beauty and natural connection between them. During this part of the series, the Women of Tétouan orchestra will host Neta Elkayam, the singer renewing Israeli-Moroccon singing, and Gal Maestro, the contrabassist of Israeli-Andalusian Orchestra Ashdod, and together they will perform local Andalusian/Spanish folk songs along with excerpts from the Jewish-Israeli repertoire.



Sponsored by The Cooperation Ministry Regional 


Les Femmes de Tétouan

Songs of women from the capital of Spanish Morocco