Cristina Branco

The connection between Cristina Branco and Portuguese fado music happened almost accidentally when her grandfather gave her a gift for her 18th birthday - a rare album of Amelia Rodriguez, the huge diva of the fado. This gift changed her life. A few months later she was on stage, beginning what would become an exciting career, full of intrigue and vision. She brought contemporary poets and writers to the traditional fado and expanded the range of emotional expression that so characterizes the genre.

The brave and wise connections she creates, the drawing upon tradition and contemporary additions, her unique voice and extraordinary presentation have made her one of the most important women in representing Portugal's culture in recent years, and she is renewing that culture. Her fado is a colorful homage to all those who preceded her and a curious look into the future and what is happening around her.

Credit photo: Joana Linda

Cristina Branco

The Great Hope of the Fado from Portugal