Tomatito and José Mercé

Tomatito, the world’s most respected flamenco players, is known for his unique approach combining traditional and contemporary musical style, uncompromising musical sensitivity, and musical interpretations in his artistic collaborations. He has collaborated with a great number of artists from around the world including Paco de Lucia, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Omar Farouk and others.

Tomatito returns to Mediterranee and will meet on stage with the world’s best cantor (flamenco singer) Jose Merce. In the last year they released a join album called “De Verdad” (Really), in which they return to the roots of the classic Spanish genre and bring it to new heights. In order to carry the message to the most important places in the world, the duo decided to embark on a joint tour that would cement flamenco as a culture and lift it into the category it deserves. The connection these living legends have makes for a fascinating show full of modern classics.

For Tomitito, who played alongside the great 20th-century flamenco singer Camaron De La Isla, who passed away in 1992, this is the first album he has recorded with another flamenco singer since. Marce, who began singing at the age of 13, is one of the first to combine other styles into classical flamenco.

José del Tomate – Flamenco guitar
Kiki Cortiñas – Singing/Voices
Miguel de la Tolea – Singing/Voices
Chicharo de Jerez – clapping
Mercedes García – clapping
Piraña – Cajon

Credit photo- Javier Salas

Tomatito and José Mercé

A Combination that Takes the Flamenco to a New Peak