pic1.jpgGreetings by the Minister of Culture and Sports

The International Méditerranée Festival of music, film, fragrances and tastes of the Mediterranean countries, which is now in its fourth year, is one of the most significant artistic- cultural breakthrough endeavors in the city of Ashdod.

During its four years of existence, the festival managed to establish itself on the Israeli cultural map as a meeting point of many cultures. The festival is a colorful summer celebration for all lovers of culture, art and culinary.

Those attending the festival can enjoy a long series of distinguished cultural international events, colorful and rhythmic performances and productions, and original inspirational performances of Israeli artists, produced especially for the festival. At the center of these performances, the opening ceremony, the highlight, a tribute to the old Sanremo Festival with the participation of the singers Bobby Solo, Nada and Gigliola Cinquetti.

With every year, the festival gains more and more audiences, more and more artists, young and old, and every year it introduces new shades to the colorful Israeli music that which has roots in the East and origins in the Mediterranean, that which was soon created and that which draws inspiration from the past and from different traditions. The festival is fed from a variety of art, which is an expression of the multicultural human variety of Israel.

This is the place to congratulate all those engaged and involved in the process, who worked hard for the success of the festival, and led by my friend, Mayor Dr. Yehiel Lesri and Mr. Moti Malka, CEO of The Performing Arts Center. In this festive occasion it is my pleasure to congratulate the residents of Ashdod and the citys leader on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the city! Indeed, it appears, that it is said of the Ashdod residents - "he who wants to become wiser must go south".

With great respect, MK (Gen. Reserves) Miri Regev
Minister of Culture and Sports