RIFF COHEN-Jonathan Trichter


Singer and songwriter Riff Cohen broke into our lives as a breath of fresh air and quickly took her place as one of the leading artists among the new generation of Israeli musicians in the modern Mediterranean genre. Over the past year, Cohen gathered materials for her third album, alongside shows in Israel, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey.

The music of Riff Cohen is abundant with refreshing ideas and international aesthetics. You will be exposed to a constant transition between the oriental and the urban, a fascinating mix of African and Arabic music with Rock 'n' roll, and songs dealing with being an immigrant in the new world, where the borders are open any place can be called home.

Just before she starts recording her new album, Riff Cohen will perform at the Méditerranée Festival, and present songs from her two studio albums, A Paris and A LA Menthe, as well as new songs that have not yet been recorded. In her show, Cohen demonstrates an extraordinary combination between powerful delivery and introverted softness. In her songs, you will notice the influences of her Western musical education, as well as the flavors of her ethnic musical background, creating a magnificent musical experience.

Haggai Fershtman drums 
Atar Meiner computer and keyboards
Omri Amdo guitar