Ofir Atar Credits Natasha Shachans
Haggai Leshem Credits Natasha Shachans
Shuki Shwiki Credit from Manuel Amir

Yiamas featuring
Trio Flamenco del Alma

Between Laika and Flamenco


A captivating passionate encounter that brings together the Laika music and Greeks greatest classics and fills them with the flame of flamenco soul of the gypsies. In this original production for the Méditerranée Festival, Yiamas, the hottest Greek music band of the year, will be joined by Trio Flamenco del Alma to perform the gypsy dance of joy and pain.

Shiko Bachar oud and vocals
Uri Shefi oud, bouzouki, violin and lyre
Udi Benknaan bouzouki and lyre 
Rani Lorenz bass 
Nir Tayeb wind instruments and darbuka
Yoav Lorenz drums 
Maurice Davidshvili keyboards 
Ofer Ankori wind instruments

Trio del Alma
Shuki Shwiki
Ofir Atar
Haggai Leshem